Homeschool Group

 The homeschool group consists of families in the church that have chosen to homeschool their children. They meet once a week for gym, field trips, and other classes and activities throughout the year. 

Botanical Gardens for a tree identification program.
Pastor showing the kids a millipede.


Valentine's Day Activity

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They made bird feeders, valentine's day cards, and decorated cookies for the shut ins.

Fall Activity
They painted pumpkins, had their faces painted, had a fall themed scavenger hunt, and got to challenge one another to a scarecrow making contest.

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Star Gazing Night
They made constellation boxes with shoe boxes, packed for a mission to Mars, played a game of flashlight tag, made a phases of the moon guide, and looked at the stars through a telescope. They even found Jupiter with the telescope that night.
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Previous Field Trips
Some of our previous field trips include a trip to our local supermarket, the Rockland Police Department, a planetarium, an alpaca farm followed by a trip to Riteway Cleaning to see how they clean the wool.

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